Limitation of the number of notes?

Since it is my first post here on this forum, I’d like to thank the authors of Joplin for this wonderful application which I really admire.

So, in all my admiration, I have a fear: there might be a limit to the size of the database or the number of notes.
True ?

Hi and welcome on the forum! There’s no limit to the number of notes and the app is designed to handle thousands of notes without any issue. I think some users on this forum have mentioned they have over 10000 notes.

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thank you very much laurent,
this info is so great that I almost cannot believe it!

Compared to Devonthink Pro Office which I have been using for years and which contains in the meantime more than 40’000 entries, it is my first impression that I don’t miss anything.
So it will be my goal for the next days to see whether I can import those different categories of file formats into Joplin.
I’m curious about the results.

BTW: as an aged fan of old jazz, I almost cannot understand that I had no knowledge about Scott Joplin. I went to Youtube today and got a very nice sample of his style.
So, I made even 2 discoveries: Joplin the musician and Joplin the note taking application - great!

While the app is unrelated to music, it’s always nice when it can help discover one of my favourite composer!

If you import 40,000 notes, one issue you’ll run into is that the initial sync will take a while to complete. The best thing is to import everything in the desktop app, then start the synchronisation process, and let it run over night or as long as needed. It’s best not to close the app while it’s doing this (if you do, it will resume, but there’s always an overhead to start the sync process).

Once it’s all on the sync target, it’s faster to sync with new devices since it can download multiple notes in parallel. On mobile, you also have the option to not download attachments (images, etc.) by default. This can also speed up sync if you have many attachments.

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Thanks again, laurent
The conversation has taken an unexpected turn, as I can see.
However, not the proper synchronization after importing is my target, but rather the actual import from Devonthink (pdf, html, plain text, rich text) as such.
Synchronization is a chapter that I have to face in a next step.

The app can import plain text but not sure about rich text. Ideally you’d convert everything to Markdown with something like Pandoc first, then import all the .md files into Joplin.

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Yes, laurent, here we are.
Once more many thanks for replying.
In the meantime, I have explored the export function and am fascinated by the simplicity of exporting all my notebooks at once, e.g. in MD format.
Re-importing, btw, worked pretty well.
So, in the first place there will be, as you say, the task of exporting all the Devonthink contents in its different formats to markdown - not a very easy task.
And thanks for your Pandoc hint. I downloaded and installed it - now I'll have to find out how to apply it on the DT database files.
This will doubtlessly keep me busy for some time so you'll get some rest :slight_smile: