Installing android version on an old and slow phone

getting a large notebook via synch takes ages. Is there a way to install using a .jex-File from the desktop?
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Not really :slightly_frowning_face:. Joplin itself is too heavy and eats too much RAM to work well on an "old and slow phone" anyway…

Maybe if you're rooted and copy the entire database in its file form? But please do make sure to have proper backups before attempting to perform such an operation.

I am rooted (working under /e) and this was something I was thinking about. Can you elaborate about what to copy to which location?#

This is completely untested, but I believe you need to replace


wiith the same joplin.sqlite file from the desktop, and also the whole


folder with the resources folder, also from the desktop.

Of course, Joplin mustn't be running when you attempt to do that.

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in the meantime my Joplin synched. I will try the method eventually and come back when I can report my experiences.

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