Fast way to sync largish joplin dataset to new machine

The Issue: Add a new computer to the "joplin fleet". Set up joplin (pretty quick), set up sync (pretty quick), and start syncing. Which takes literally days...

It's a 3GB dataset (with 17K resource files)

I've not found any discussion of how to direct copy from one set up machine to another set up machine, and then sync. (Am I stupid - is it as simple as just copying the .sqlite file and the resources directory and then doing a fresh sync? Would that corrupt anything or confuse any state tracking?)

This is a "feature" that could just be a findable written procedure ("copy these files like this") or some stand-alone utility.

Same problem going to IOS devices - but I think that's a logistically harder problem...

IMHO it's as simple as this because I've cloned half a dozen of portable instances just like this: by copying over the profile folder and running the portable app on a thumb drive for example.

Absolutely - and some kind of advice like this would have made me feel much more confident with my procedure.

You can have iOS store a complete copy of your profile folder in your iCloud backup - which many users probably have already done without knowing it (because iCloud sync for apps is an opt-out feature). I learned this the hard way before Advanced Data Protection (i.e. E2EE) for iCloud was introduced: All of a sudden my iPhone backup was almost 2 GB larger...

That's one of the good things about Joplin: All of your data is stored locally on your device, and you alone control it (in theory at least :wink:).

Back to your question: Haven't tried it, but I'm afraid you cannot easily 'restore' Joplin's app data from iCloud on a new device.

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Hm, but all your portable installations should now have the same client ID ... could lead to problems with session locks/sync targed upgrades if each client thinks the upgrade is from it or the lock and deletes it. But I'm not 100% sure about that.

To copy the whole thing to a new computer is ok if the old one is no longer used. But I personally would never do that to duplicate.

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Thank you for the advice about client IDs! I'll check them and try to find a better solution for running them in parallel. Maybe it's risky to clone them like I did, but it's good news at least that you can migrate your data fast to another machine by copying over the profile folder (if you don't intend to use the old installation any longer).

Here is a technical description of the whole thing, including the client ids

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I think Joplin should detect that it's a new installation that hasn't been synced before and just download everything from the server in one go without bothering with deltas and all that.