"Insert table" Button missing?

Hi there,

I could not find the "insert table" button in the wysiwyg-Editor.

Shouldn't there be a button in the toolbar? I saw the feature requests for it and this info in the changelog:

(Pre-release) - 2021-03-29T10:46:41Z
Fixed: Wrong background color for the table button in the toolbar

Here's a screenshot of my toolbar:

Maybe I'm just blind, but I could not find a setting to enable the button.

Joplin version: 2.6.10 (prod, win32)

This is a screenshot from the markdown editor, Press this image button in the top right to switch over to the WYSIWYG editor.

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I just realised I never actually used the WYSIWYG-Editor. Stupid me.

Would be a nice to have the same button for the markdown-editor, but I'm fine switching to the WYSIWYG-Editor.

Thanks for the quick response!


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