Table cell color in joplin 2.11.11?

Hello all,
I just updated my joplin desktop (windows) to 2.11.11.
I like the new table tools.
But where are the table properties/cell properties dialog box? I cannot find them any more.
What to do when I need to color cells or rows?

Could you have a look at this pull request and ask there? But my feeling is that we don't support colors since Markdown also doesn't

I thought so, too. I can check later today. If it's really a regression, we can enable this option again.

Yeah I'm curious as to if this was being used before because the moment you switch notes it should be converting to markdown and losing the additional formatting - I know I was advocating we remove these unsupported functions.

Unless this was being used in an HTML type note?

@antonio-slog, could you confirm your use-case please? Do you actually use these tools to colour the cells and rows? Because indeed as soon as you switch to a different note and come back, the colour would be lost because the underlying format doesn't support this.

But if you could confirm how you use this that would be great, and allow us to understand whether we need to keep this feature or not

sorry to be late.
I use colored cells table to set the status of a job (green= done; orange=amost done; red=to do).
But basically colors should be available both in table cells and in text, since there may be the need to color code something important.

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