Incorrect syncronization between Android and Windows

I’m noticing some strange inconsistencies with syncing between Windows and Android. On the Android app I have several notes that are in the root directory that are not in the Windows root “Notebooks” directory. Most of the other notebooks and notes sync fine though. If I search in the Windows Application, the notes will show up, but it won’t indicate where the note is located. Additionally, If i delete that note on the Android app, it will still be searchable on the Windows application but not Android.

1.0.308 Android
1.0.170 Windows

@SkiFree I believe I know why it does not delete on Windows. There is a checkbox in the settings: Fail-safe: Do not wipe out local data when sync target is empty (often the result of a misconfiguration or bug)
As for the rest of it, I use neither Android nor Windoze really. I have a Windoze Virtual Machine, and it does have Joplin installed for testing, but I hate booting it if I don’t absolutely have to. I’m a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and I hate anything Microsoft. LOL

Thanks for your reply, I was under the impression that the Fail-Safe was only if the sync destination (Dropbox in my case) is empty. Most of my notes do sync properly between devices.

I get your point on not liking Windows, I find any computer professional I talk to will agree with you. I am slowly getting the courage to put Linux on one of my main machines.

@SkiFree I’m not 100% sure on the fail safe, but it’s worth a try.
One thing I AM 100% sure of, if you install Linux Mint Cinnamon, you’ll never look back! You may decide to try a few other “flavors”, but I always came back to Mint Cinnamon. It’s fast, easy, secure, stable. When I had my own business I converted roughly 100 customers to Linux. These were people who knew nothing about computers. They browse the web and do email, and that’s about it. They were tired of Windows Updates breaking their computers, viruses, and all the maintenance Windows requires. Bad news for me. Once I converted them, I rarely heard from them again, except a big thank you. I had others call me, “Yeah, you installed some Linux something or other on so and so’s computer. They love it. Can you do mine?”
The point is, if you’re afraid it might be hard, don’t be. It’s EASIER than Windows! The Cinnamon desktop looks and feels just like Windows. It comes with Firefox, but you can install Chrome. I recommend Chromium, the open source browser upon which Chrome is built. And last but not least, while Linux may be number 3 in the US, much of the rest of the world does not want to pay US companies for software so Linux is number one. There’s a huge community of support.
You can thank me later… and you will!

@SkiFree you are right about the failsafe, it won’t help you in this case. And it’s better to leave it as is on case something happens to your sync directory.

@IrwinElectronics I’ve heard about Mint being a good place to start, will need to get going on a new-to-me OS.

Thanks @CalebJohn, I’ll keep poking around to see what else could be my issue, might just start fresh from a backup.