Conflicts Not Reported

I’m not getting conflicts reported on the Windows portable client. Where do I look to diagnose?

I deliberately updated the same note from Windows and from Android. Then I told both devices to Synchronize. Android properly shows a “Conflicts” notebook; the desktop does not.

Do I have to check all devices to discover conflicts?

Yes, the conflicts folder shows you the the conflict with the sync target. Therefore the note that was changed locally will be in the Conflicts folder. This folder is not synced and only a “local” folder.

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In the Synchronisation settings under target I have ‘local file system’, and under interval I have ‘Disabled’, so if I am not synchronising anything why do I get notes placed into a conflict folder after I have edited them?

Incidentally, all the notes that have ended up here have also had all their tags stripped.

I am using the Windows non install version, so just using like a stand-alone app.

AFAIK it will still sync to the target, but not download from the sync target. But @laurent knows more about the sync algorithm.

I have no idea, how there can be conflicts, if there’s no syncing done.

It’s currently not possible to disable sync. I’ll make that clearer in the config and maybe add a way to actually disable sync.

Ah, that would explain it!

For me being able to properly disable the synching would suit my method of working as I use Joplin as a stand-alone app, and just periodically export backups into a separate directory.


In the meantime you could set the sync target for example to Dropbox. In the background it will try to sync but since you are not logged in it will not do anything.