Select several ENEX files simultaneously for Import into their own separate Notebooks

One can have several hundred notebooks in Evernote.

If one wants to maintain the structure, having exported those notebooks from Evernote into separate ENEX files, one has to import them into Joplin one by one.

It would be very convenient if one could just select several ENEX files in File -> Import -> Evernote Export File (as HTML) dialog box, have them imported into separate Notebooks, as when imported one-by-one.

Of course, “with the cli app you could loop through the files in a bash script and import them all”, as was suggested in May 2021: https:// discourse . joplinapp . org /t/batch-import-multiple-enex-files/17458

However, command-line scripting & debugging may not be in the skillset of an average user. It may be more convenient to employ multiple-file selection in Windows Explorer (or Finder on Mac) that practically any mouse-wielding user is familiar with.

Thank you.

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I've created an issue to track this: Allows importing a folder of ENEX files · Issue #9693 · laurent22/joplin · GitHub


Improved: Allow importing a directory of ENEX files (#9693)

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@laurent, thank you so much for an amazingly fast response that fully resolved the issue!

Having imported a few dozen notebooks one-by-one with Joplin ver. 2.14.7, it has been such a relief and time-saver to import the remaining ones with ver. 2.14.8 as few Directories with large number of ENEX files/notebooks in them.

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For new users... 2.14.8 version and newer are here: https : // discourse . joplinapp . org /t/pre-release-v2-14-is-now-available-updated-03-02-2024/35009

Hi- new here, just installed ver. 2.14.12 am still unable to import more than one .ENEX notebook at a time. Is there a workaround apart from selecting/opening more than one notebook at a time in the import window? Running a 2015 MacBook Pro with OS Big Sur. Thanks!

Never mind, I didn't look closely at the dropdown menu. Thanks!