Import then encrypt, or encrypt then import?

I'm embarking on Joplin and can't wait to shut down my Evernote paid account (and delete all my notes from their database).

I've decided I want End to End Encryption in Joplin.

Would like advice on - should I enable encryption in Joplin before or after importing my hundreds of Evernote files into Joplin? (I am using Joplin Cloud.) My gut is to enable Joplin encryption FIRST, so that even the .ENEX upload process never land on the server without being encrypted. However, I suspect there might be an optimal sequence.

(For what it's worth, I do not have any encryption enabled in Evernote notes. They are plain and simple notes coming from Evernote.)

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From a security point of view, first activate the encryption, then import the notes.
To configure the encryption proceed as in the documentation described.


I'd recommend doing an enex export from the older legacy app if you can, the electron app seems to not always export the title correctly then people assume it is joplin not importing right.


Yes, definitely turn on the encryption first.
If you don't, what happens is you upload your unencrypted notes to Cloud, then they get encrypted (on your machine), and uploaded to the Cloud again, while the old ones get deleted.

So it's just a lot of unnecessary processing and traffic, even if you discount the security leak.

Oh, and welcome to the forum!

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