Import Microsoft Word Documents


I have all the contents in word document with general text features - bold, italic, colour, underline, paragraph in word document

I want to import all of them in Joplin.

How to do it? Will all the above document features will be lost?
How to do bulk upload or import?


I think right now your best bet is to convert your document to markdown (pandoc can do this, for instance) and import the resulting markdown to Joplin.

will pandoc takes care of all formatting. i tried and looses formatting..

What is the best way to preserve the basic formatting, paragraphs, sentences???

not sure, haven't used it a while

Typora imports doc and docx files, then you can save them as .md but you'll have to make this one by one.
The only other way that might work for batch conversion is through Scrivener. It imports docx and lots of other formats and exports to lots too, including multimarkdown.

#1 - Is Both Typora and Scrivener is open-source?
#2 - Is there is any Joplin plugin which can be used to import or convert ms-word to md files or import into Joplin?
#3 - Is there is any Joplin plugin is on progress to do the import of ms-word to Joplin?

Please advice.

It's surprising that Pandoc loses formatting as that's probably your best options to convert documents in general and doc files in particular.

I don't know if there's any Pandora expert in this forum so maybe you'll have more luck asking on the Pandora forum or mailing list.

As for your questions:

#1 - No
#2 - no
#3 - No but it could in theory be done, and there's GSoC task about this.

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Is there a anyone can publish list of useful plugin needs in the future, so that someone can write the plugin for Joplin? example import ms word document would be one of the choice which many would prefer it. Just a thought

Is any Pandora expert on this forum to assist this or give suggestion on how to overcome?

Thanks in advance.

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