Plugin Request: Export to RTF or Docx

Is it possible or hard or impossible? In any case it is a very important feature, at least for me, and I suppose for lots of uers (espcially non-programmers).
I hope it is doable.
And of course thanks all for this so great app :slight_smile:

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@tessus makes a good point on this subject in this thread - OpenRTF Support - #5 by tessus
I agree that it makes more sense that a word processor should be able to import markdown formatted files than it would be for for Joplin to handle a ton of different exports.

I agree with you. However, 1) we don't have a say with word processor companies, 2) not a ton, just RTF would be more than sufficient. Most if not all word processors (at least MS word and LibreOffice writer, i.e. the most used ones on the Windows platfortm + IOS) understand RTF.

In any case, jsut a couple of miutes ago I discovered that Typora exports to RTF, Doc, Docx among other formats. So this can be used for single notes, or if one wants to export several ones, he/she can use the combine notes plugin and open the resulting one note in Typora for Export to RTF. That is, if no one is enthusiatic to the idea of writing a proper Joplin plugin for this purpose

It probably won't be directly supported because not many users have asked for it. However, the plugin API supports creating new import and export modules, so it shouldn't be too hard to create such a plugin for someone motivated:


Rtf or odt would have been great

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I'll just add the idea of a plugin that wraps pandoc. Converting file formats, including .rtf and .docx and .odt, is pandocs core feature (it converts from "almost anything" to "almost anything").

--> see Any suggestions on what plugins could be created? - #23 by philip-n and Any suggestions on what plugins could be created? - #70 by tristinDLC


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