Import keynote knt or RTF to Joplin

Joplin 2.10.19 (prod, win32)

I am trying to convert a bunch of old notes taken in Keynote format, KNT from 2002 or so was the last update. Still a good app I use but I am trying to move what I have used it for over to Joplin.

Anyone ever had success doing this? Keynote does have a rtf export but so far I haven't had any luck getting Pandoc to work properly. I guess I am missing something in the proper command to convert a directory of RTF to MD. I am not the best with CLI.

Does something like pandoc -f rtf -t markdown note.rtf not work?

Nope. I get:
pandoc: note.rtf: withBinaryFile: does not exist (no such file or directory)
And I was in the proper directory. In this case, a root folder on drive C. I had tried wild card characters but perhaps it doesn't work that way? If I can't do a folder full at once, it isn't worth it. I am not going to do them all individually.

Just checking but note.rtf was just my stand in for the name of your rtf file. I know doing it one by one isn't going to be ideal but I wondered if the base command was at least working.

I don't know if pandoc supports wildcards for doing batch processes but even if it doesn't it should be fairly trivial to do via bash script or powershell.

Yes it does work but not in bulk. I thought perhaps note.rtf wasn't a place holder but a command I had missed (nope lol). Sadly if Pandoc can't do batch processes, then it is useless to me. Sure I can do them one by one, and while there isn't a huge number of notes in that note system, but it also isn't worth the time either. I will just leave them there at this point if I can't bulk import.

And yes I have no doubt scripting like that should be trivial for some, for others not so much. :slight_smile:

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