Additional export formats // pandoc integration

I very much like Joplin and use it for personal note taking, but also for preparing stuff in markdown to then share it with others (or put it into a wiki entry). For the latter, there’s some convenience functionality that would ease my workflow and (I imagine) be helpful to others as well.

Feature request(s)

Raw export of single note

Add an export option to save the raw content of the current note as .md file. This would save the “copy content” > “open any text editor” > “paste” > “Save with desired filename”. Or is there already a simple way to do that, that I missed?

Extend export formats

There’s a nice program for converting markdown to tons of different formats called pandoc, see (or for live testing). It would be great to offer integration with pandoc, so e.g. the user can set the path to a pandoc executable in the Joplin settings and then have additional export possibilities (basically everything that pandoc can export to).

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if at least we could just export one note in markdown, then anyone can use pandoc to convert it in whatever its needed.

If you right-click on a note and select Export > MD, you can already export a note as Markdown. Is that what you mean?

Thanks for the quick response! I was still on .104 and I somehow didn’t expect there to be a context menu for single notes, so I hadn’t seen this possibility.

Yes, this answers the first part! Additional suggestion for saving single notes: allow entering a file name and directly save there. When I tested it earlier, it created a folder named as the notebook and saved the note in there (probably a restricted version of the “export everything as md”?).

The new export options (MD, JSON) that I found after upgrading are also much appreciated - thanks a lot!

Thanks for the solution… really helpful