OpenRTF Support

Will their be a support of OpenRTF format

Not in the core, but maybe someone will write a plugin. Don't forget, we are using react thus we need js or ts libraries to integrate with Joplin.

Any chance of adding any Open Document format for exporting Notes so l that it can be opened in Office suits without losing formatting like images, tables and charts

Yet again, not in the core. It was explained many times on this forum why we won't add hundreds of import/export functions.
This is why we created the plugin system. If someone needs that funtionality, they can write a plugin.

Maybe you find someone on this forum who will take this on. On the other side, why doesn't the office suite provide an import for md files or html files?


We dont need tons of export format just 1 format that can embed all the media and things without losing format so that it can be used across all operating systems. Eg; if i sync my notes to dropbox in odt format. It would be easy for me to view is from a browser when i dont have a joplin client.

I'll just add the idea of a plugin that wraps pandoc. Converting file formats, including .rtf and .docx and .odt, is pandocs core feature (it converts from "almost anything" to "almost anything").

--> see Any suggestions on what plugins could be created? - #23 by philip-n and Any suggestions on what plugins could be created? - #70 by tristinDLC

That said, you can already use pandoc manually as a standalone-tool: just feed it some markdown (e.g. copy and pasted from Joplin) and specify your desired output format :+1:

This won't work with images/attachments though.

Will that keep the formatting, images and tables to odt

I don't use images / attachments in Joplin, so I cannot comment on that. For tables, headings, lists etc. I've used it without problems.

Concerning images, there seem to be some capabilities built-in to pandoc (see discussions about the usage here, here and here). Will probably be a matter of researching the correct parameters (at least).

If somebody can offer more insight and/or personal experience, I'd be very interested :slight_smile:

Personally i would love to have an option to save all notes in ODT instead of non standard formats

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