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Servus Community,

I am new with Joplin (2.10.19) and apologize in advance if the questions are stupid. I currently have Joplin installed on my iMac (12.6.1) and on my Linux Mint (21.1). To synchronize the two devices I have set up a shared directory on my Nextcloud server (25.0.3) via WebDAV on both devices. This works so far so good.

The first problem occurred when inserting screenshots into a note. When trying to paste the image via the clipboard, only the name of the image is pasted but not the image itself. If the image is pasted via drag & drop, only a clickable link is inserted, which at least opens the image, but this link is also not synchronized via Nextcloud to the other device. The path is local path on my macOS. The editor used does not matter. I can switch between Rich Text and Markdown editor, the problem remains the same.

So I would have two problems to solve:

  • How do I get the images displayed in a note (if necessary also only a thumbnail of it)?
  • How do I get these images synced to Nextcloud so that they are also available on the other devices?

Thx & Bye CD

Good, I'm making progress. On my Linux device I have a screenshot application that explicitly offers to save the screenshot in the clipboard. This allows me to paste from the clipboard back into a Joplin note. On my Mac, I tried to copy the automatically generated PNG into the clipboard, but only the name was inserted into Joplin. At this point I could then insert the screenshot as an attachment. A bit clumsy but sufficient for the moment. The problem has at least been identified.

As far as synchronisation is concerned, this problem has also been solved, because these two image files (From Linux Clipboard and Mac via Attachment) have now been made globally available. The local path seems to apply only to the drag & drop inserted image. Thank you for your attention.

Bye CD

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