Uploading clipboard copied image automatically to cloud

Currently, images in markdown file copied from clipboard is saved in a specific local folder, but this process causes sync problem when trying to access from other computer.

As the images is saved in local computer, when you open the same markdown files in other computer, image is not visible because the image address is located in other computer, which is very troublesome

To solve this problem, I'd like to suggest 2 approaches,

1. Setting default image upload folder in the cloud, not in the local folder
---> When you copy and paste clipboard captured images into md file, the images are automatically uploaded in designated cloud image folder, not in a local temporary folder

2. Pasted clipboard images are set to automatically uploaded to public image uploading sites like imgur.com

I think this is very important to other users, and hope to be provided in near future in either way

I'm not sure what you are doing, but this is wrong.

If you paste an image, which is in the clipboard, into a note, the resource will be created within the resource directory and it will be synced.
After the paste you will see something like this in your note:


The only way to achieve what you are saying is to drag and drop and image into the note while pressing the Opt / Alt key.

Is there any way to designate specific cloud folder (Onedrive) as resource directory?
My resource directory for image saving is located in my local hard drive, not in cloud, and it won't sync when I open in other computer

I don't follow. I'll try this again. If you import an image or paste one into Joplin, it will be synced. Period.

Ok, let's start there. What is your sync target?

After adding an attachement, like an image, Joplin keeps track of them (link from note to actual resource).
We are not supposed to handle them ourselves or do manual file management on them, outside Joplin.

Also, the resource is a copy of the original before upload.
For example, I do active screenshot management (via GreenShot in my case which copies them to clipboard, save in a local resource folder with proper naming convention etc or upload to imgur) but pasting them i a Joplin note replicate the file to Joplins own resource folder.

I think cloud storage would be a good choice, because we don't have to worry about sync problem in online, I prefer onedrive as I use it my cloud storage

Personally, I overcome this problem with ShareX software, which enables automated serial process including screen capure - upload to public image upload server(imgur) - copy uploaded image link.

You are not listening. I have tried to explain. You don't understand. You don't even answer my question.

Maybe somebody else is able to figure out what your problem is.

The image you paste is uploaded to your sync target and if you call OneDrive 'cloud' and you use OneDrive as your sync target, it is thus uploaded to the cloud.

This is my last post in the topic. Good luck.

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