Ignore some notes on mobile devices

Some notes have a big size and they unnecessarily consume much memory on mobile devices.

It would be nice to have a possibility to ignore some notes on mobile devices.

A note would be not synced to a mobile device from a desktop. It still has to be synced across other desktop devices.

Is this a problem with the note content itself being long? Or the resources attached to the note? Because Joplin has a facility to only download attachments when they are clicked on.

It's only about the resources (attachments).

Wow, I found the option you mentioned:
Configuration → Synchronization → Attachment download behavior → Manual

I think it's cool, I will try it out. I wonder if it wouldn't be better to set a maximum size threshold for downloading resources.

That's a good idea, or maybe have a warning when the users taps to download a "large" resource.

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