Feature Request: Purge downloaded attachments

Hi everyone,

I've been using Joplin for a long while, and was using Evernote way before that. I like joplin a lot because it gives me total control over my notes, and one of my favorite features is "Manual Attachment Downloads". My note database is like 25 GB right now, and I'm using a 16GB iPhone, without manual downloads Joplin use wouldn't be possible.

But every now and then, even with manual downloads, the filesize keeps getting larger (due to continuous use) and I keep downloading stuff. My solution to this is usually to remove Joplin app althogether and reinstall so that I get rid of all downloaded attachments and start anew.

But this is too cumbersome and even that initial sync takes too much time. Wouldn't it be possible to probive a button or something to purge all downloaded attachments, saving some storage? I have no problem with doing that later to redownload them all over again.

Thanks and best regards