How do attachments work?

Hello everyone,

As I am in the process of migrating all my notes from iCloud to Joplin, i was wondering if someone would be willing to explain how attachments work.

Some notes have photos or licence keys but when attached I have something like

[name of the file.ext](:/deaf21762f765g31b9545989s348h4s1)

and those media files are only available on the device I have used to upload the media.

Why arent those sync’ed ?

Precisions :
For now i use Dropbox as the sync point
I have activated encryption

Thank you

It seems I have the same problem. By the way, this problem is described in a similar way in the forum below. Seems like nothing has changed until now. What a pity, this is not going to work with my detachment from Google Notes.
But in the meantime some pictures were reloaded, for whatever reason, since I have enough memory in the dropbox.

All the attachments I have that I know of were in fact synced to my tablet and phone via Dropbox. One of the reasons to switch from Evernote to Joplin was that the notes (and other resources) would be on my devices. However, in the documentations, under attachments it says,

Important: Resources larger than 10 MB are not currently supported on mobile. They will crash the application when synchronising so it is recommended not to attach such resources at the moment. The issue is being looked at.

Have you tried smaller attachments, with and without encryption etc. to figure out what is causing your issue?