Idea to Simplify the Browser Add-on

The workflow of archiving web pages could be simplified by replacing the confirm button with an undo button and making the choice buttons work in one click.

Also, the choice buttons could be made smaller or replaced by a drop-down menu. Most of the time the last chosen option is used anyway.


I’ve been thinking the same thing. I built a Safari App Extension for Joplin (link), and it uses your suggestion of a simpler one-click (but no undo button).

This is the current UI version:

I’ve also been tinkering with a different layout, also with smaller buttons, which I think could work for the Chrome/FF extension. Something like this (very much a work in progress):

Note that my extension currently doesn’t support Image Selection or Complete HTML, so I have fewer button options.

I was also thinking about a drop down, similar to DEVONThink:

Although I change up my clipping types enough that I think buttons work better for me.

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What code lingo does the browser plugin use? Maybe I could tinker with the FF one.

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Here is some information about the clipper
Joplin Clipper

I believe it uses React for the front end. The rest is mostly standard web extension code.