[Feature Request] Webclipping with or without images

I suggest to add an option in the webclipper menu to clip the webpage with or without images.


I support this request.
It would be nice to have a button "Clip simplified page without images"

I loose a lot of time every week looking for and deleting useless images


I don't think we'll add this on the clipper as it's a bit of a niche feaure, however a plugin could do that relatively easily. That could be a button that you press and delete all images in the current note.


I also liked this request. I will try to make a plugin that will add toolbar button and after pressing it will delete all images as suggested my Laurent.


hey guys,
@desk7 @ptbeck I just released plugin 'Remove Images' it basically removes images with following formats:
1. ![some-alt-text](:/path-to-file)
2. <img src="path-to-file"/>
It is in very early stage. I will be fixing some bugs in upcoming days.
You can check it out and give your suggestions.


It is worth making a new topic in the #plugins category so people can feed back on it.

I have some questions to start:

  • Does it only remove joplin image resources or will it also strip remote links? i.e. will it only target the first of the below or all three?
  • Same question as above but with <img> tags
  • Does it discriminate between images (i.e. actual image extensions or will it just remove any and all attachments - pdfs and mp3s are popular attachments in Joplin. If so then the current implementation is a bit misleading in its name.

Thank you @Daeraxa for replying. I will soon make a new topic.

It will remove all three links.

It will remove any image with <img /> tag without discriminating between resource and remote links

Yes, It only looks for images(i.e. with ![some-alt-text](:/path-to-file) or <img />). So it does not remove pdf or mp3.

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