Safari webclipper

First of all, thanks for this great app.

As a Mac – and Safari – user, I’m wondering about the lack of a Safari webclipper extension. I looked into the GitHub page and this forum, but didn’t found any request for it.

Is there any reason why a Safari extension was not developed yet, or there was simply no interest for it in the community? I think that clipping from Safari would be a rather useful addition and help to diffuse Joplin among Mac users.

I can’t code, but I volunteer for testing, if needed.

Thank you again


In the meantime may be you could use Chrome or Firefox on your Mac?


But since my workflow (and those of many other Mac users, I guess) is based on Safari I think that a Safari extension would be a great complement!



I can imagine, I just expected you wont be stuck :slight_smile:

Apologies for reviving an old thread, but I would also love this feature. I use Safari as my main browser.

Is there a bookmarklet I can use instead for Safari?

Nope, but maybe you find someone on this forum who creates a Safari extension. Or there’s always Apple that could support the web extension standard.

For now I’m trying to create an AppleScript that will pull the page out of Safari and add it as a note using Joplin CLI. (Unfortunately I can’t get Joplin CLI installed.)

I might try writing an extension at some point.

Joplin looks like a great app, and I think if it had more integration with browsers and the OS then it would be a fantastic replacement for Evernote etc. I was hoping to use it as an Evernote replacement but I mostly use Evernote for web clipping with Safari (iOS and macOS), so currently Joplin isn’t much use for me in that regard.

Hmm, let’s try to get the cli version working first. You can run it headless so that you can use the API, but you can also just run the Desktop version (which also includes the API server).

There are several scripts available in the #apps category to create notes (python, perl, …). Maybe they help or are an inspiration for your own scripts.

Excellent! I'll take a look now that I have the cli working. And the REST API looks really useful :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help!

Hmm, I can see why people wouldn't want to write a Safari extension - the process looks very complicated these days! :grimacing:

It looks like it would need to be baked into the Joplin macOS app itself (or perhaps as a separate helper app)?

I wonder if a bookmarklet would be able to make HTTP requests to the local REST API? Not sure if it would be sandboxed.

When has Apple development been ever easy? :sob:

Hey, everyone. I was also looking for something to use with Safari. I managed to build a working version of a Safari App Extension for Joplin. Now that Apple announced future versions of Safari will support Web Extensions, this might only be useful for a little while, this should work for at least a few months. Tested on Mojave and Catalina. Beta code but usable for daily use.

See this post for more info:

Or this for a download:

Hope that helps!


Going to test it right now!
You saved my (and many others) day!
Going to finally transition from Evernote to Joplin!

Many many many thanks!


How did the testing go?

It works like a charm :slight_smile: thanks cweirup!
(I was pretty sure I reported the positive test.... sorry)

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Thanks! I haven't tried it yet. I got my nextcloud server running just today, so next I'll test the webclipper. That is my new year's resolution. :slightly_smiling_face: