Research Workflow with WebResearcherJS and Joplin

Hi everyone,
Excited to share my Firefox extension WebResearcherJS with you all.
It allows you to annotate webpages and export to Joplin with ease.
Demo :

Github repo : GitHub - kvgc/WebResearcherJS-extension: WebResearcherJS is a Firefox web extension which allows users to annotate webpages on the internet.
Firefox extension : WebResearcherJS โ€“ Get this Extension for ๐ŸฆŠ Firefox (en-US)

I would appreciate hearing your general thoughts and feedback.
Thank you.


That's very useful, thanks for sharing! I thought about doing something like this too at some point. Do you plan to release a Chrome extension too?

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Yeah. That is still in the works. Hopefully, I will have some time to work on that :slight_smile:

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Hello. Looks interesting, but I'm probably missing something.
Seems you didn't write down anywhere the shortcut used to launch it. I thought you said ctrl + 1, but that just switches tabs in FF. What should it be? (It'd probably be best to put that in the github, FF addon and YT pages as well.)

Also, will it update old notes, or always create a new one?


Ah, and opening any Wiki page with the extension enabled results in this:

It also doesn't change when I switch tabs.

The extension gets injected into all of your webpages automatically. However, if it does not load for any reason, you can right click to open the context menu and start it manually

Peek 2023-10-30 10-20

I thought you said ctrl + 1, but that just switches tabs in FF.

Ahh.. okay. Could you tell me which version of FireFox youre using? For me Alt+1 switches the tabs.

This occurs when the Joplin token is not set. Were you able to set that up when you installed the extension i.e., by going over to the options menu:

You will also need the WebClipper to enabled on your Joplin app for this to work.

I will update the readme with instructions on how to get started.

Hm that's weird, I did set the token before trying, and I use the API all the time. But I'll double-check later.

What is the 'contextual highlight' setting btw?

hmm that's strange...
The contextual highlighting is a way to highlight sentences on the webpage. Here's an example:

Peek 2023-10-31 20-25

If you copy and paste some text from the webpage into your note, the feature will try to find that sentence in the webpage and highlight it for you.

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Hi all, thanks for the Feedback. I have managed to update the extension.

UPDATES (Jan 05, 2024)

  • Updated the GitHub with better docs
  • [New feature] Want to make changes to the exported note? Just click on the 'EDIT' button in the exported note on Joplin to go back to the webpage and edit the note. Resave the updated note back to Joplin. See demo below:


I would appreciate it if you could report any issues on the GitHub repo : Issues ยท kvgc/WebResearcherJS-extension ยท GitHub