Joplin lost the contents of a note after turning off aeroplane mode

Hi folks,

New Joplin user here.
I'm using Android version 11 and Joplin 2.10.8

I added a whole load of information to a note - paragraphs and paragraphs of text. When I took my phone off aeroplane mode this morning, the text was still there momentarily, but upon minimising and reopening the app, the additional had disappeared.

This is information that I wrote last night and cannot recall this morning and absolutely need to get back. The storage is very low (150MB) on my phone, which I assume may be contributing to the issue.

In the meantime I've put it back on aeroplane mode and have only used it to check the version numbers just in case I need to rescue it from the cache and I don't want to overwrite it. Can I retrieve the text that's gone, or some kind of history of what I've typed?

ETA: The Updated time on the note is an hour before I stopped writing, so I've retained some contents of the note, but I've lost everything I wrote in that final hour.

Is there a conflicts notebook? If so, please check it for a copy of the note:

Thanks so much for replying! I've just checked and there isn't one.

I should probably add that this is the only device I have Joplin on so far so there are no other synced copies of the notes on any other devices.