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All my notes got deleted after changing the WebDAV URL!

When changing the WebDAV URL, make sure that the new location has the same exact content as the old location (i.e. copy all the Joplin data over to the new location). Otherwise, if there's nothing on the new location, Joplin is going to think that you have deleted all your data and will proceed to delete it locally too. So to change the WebDAV URL, please follow these steps:

While trying to connect to Joplin Server with WebDAV using rclone:

<3>ERROR : : error listing: couldn't list files: Internal Server Error: 500 Internal Server Error
Failed to lsf with 2 errors: last error was: error in ListJSON: couldn't list files: Internal Server Error: 500 Internal Server Error

It seems that joplin-server stores everything in a database (including large files..?), thus server-side migration isn't easily possible either.

I think there should be a better migration process, especially to-from Joplin [Cloud] Server.

cc @laurent, probably of interest

I don't quite get what you want to do. Joplin Server doesn't support WebDAV so it's normal it doesn't work. If you want to migrate, you'd simply sync one client then switch to a different sync target. All the data is on your computer anyway, so it doesn't really matter how the data is stored on Joplin Server.

Yet there is a warning, that all data will be dropped once sync target is changed?

Only if you change the WebDAV URL. But in this case you are simply switching the sync target (from Joplin Server to WebDAV presumably?) so the warning doesn't apply.

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