I am considering trying Joplin but there's no Paypal option

That's all I am asking, I don't have a credit card. Evernote accepts Paypal but the price is too high and it isn't open source. If you ever add that option I will consider buying a year of premium.

@luc_larabie56 welcome to the forum.

Apologies if I have misunderstood your post but I got the impression that you were confusing Joplin and Joplin Cloud.

Joplin is free to download and use, whether on Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS or Android. So you can use Joplin at no cost.

Joplin Cloud access can be purchased but this is a cloud storage service that you sync your Joplin clients to. There is no web interface to add or edit notes. All note creation and editing is done via the clients.

Using Joplin Cloud is optional. You can also sync Joplin with other cloud services (Dropbox, OneDrive, S3, Nextcloud, or a service that implements WebDav). If you have a domain and self-host you can run your own Nextcloud, WebDav, or Joplin server* for no additional cost.

*Joplin Server is a free version of Joplin Cloud you can host yourself and is licensed for non-commercial use only.


Still It would be nice if Joplin cloud had a paypal option. I also have no credit card so no option to use joplin cloud.

Ok, so without the premium does that mean I could create more than 50 notes without using the cloud?

Joplin stores the notes on your system and you can create as many as you like (or as many as your system can handle).

If you later want to sync several clients, the Joplin Cloud Basic & Pro plans only have limits for attachment size, total storage space, and sharing features. Neither of these plans have limits on how many notes you can have (or how many clients you can connect).

If you use another provider like Dropbox to sync your Joplin data the only data / client limits will be those imposed by whatever Dropbox plan you have. Also the sharing features will not be available.

If you self-host the only limit is how much storage you give your server.


That is perfect thank you!