Sharing notebooks and notes with 3 other users

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What issue do you have?

How am I able to share notes and notebooks, please?

Unfortunately, you are not.

In order to share notebooks you have to be using Joplin Cloud or running your own Joplin Server (for personal use only).

The sharing / publishing features cannot be implemented in the cloud server software that belongs to other companies.

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What about using Joplin cloud or Joplin server? We are 4 members and what to share notes and notebooks. Di you know a cost effective way for doing so?

Have a look at the "Joplin Cloud Plans" page (linked in my post above) for costs.

As long as it is non-commercial the Joplin Server is possibly a zero-cost option as the server software is free to use. There is of course the need to have your own hardware / virtual server and the "cost" of your own time for maintaining it.

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