I did search, but couldn't find the answer.

Somewhere, I thought I saw a way to turn off ctrl-click on hyperlinks, so you could just click. I can't seem to find that again.

I don't think there is a way doing so...at least not in wysiwyg. In the markdown renderer mode links are opened by single clicking on them.

Same problem here. The Ctrl+Click isn't such a big deal on a desktop with a proper keyboard, but I also use Joplin on a tablet, and there you need to long press the link first to trigger right click, then copy it to clipboard, then go to the browser, and only then copy and paste it there manually in order to open the site, so it's quite cumbersome and annoying.

Single click to open would be problematic if you only wanted to edit the text, but there are other solutions, e.g. as in Notepad++, where links can be opened on double click while still acting like normal text otherwise.

Honestly, even an entry in the right click menu to open the URL would be sufficient though. There's Open... there currently already, but it does absolutely nothing.

This PR might be related: Android: Handle URL links by fstanis · Pull Request #5764 · laurent22/joplin · GitHub

It hasn't been updated in a few months, though...

Isn't that only about Android? Here, "ctrl-click" was mentioned, which is almost surely related to the desktop version of Joplin, as not many people are going to connect a keyboard and try "ctrl-click" on a mobile device :wink:. For the record, the "tablet" that I mentioned above runs Windows.

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Sorry! I thought the tablet might be running Android!

Oh no, I should've been more specific. The problem isn't limited to Windows tablets only though, as many high-end laptops also come with touch screens nowadays.

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