Font Color

Please help! : )
Is there a way to change the font color of my typed text in joplin?
I only need red as an alternative color to the standard black.
Does that work via userstyle.css?
Could you copy paste me the lines here?
Many thanks

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use HTML tags like

<font color="red">This text is red</font> and this text is black
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Ok, thanks.
That's just the way it is. Hopefully this great app has a more comfortable option to do so in future versions :slight_smile:

If you want to change the colour globally you can certainly do it with .css. I don't know right now what exactly you'd need to add, I suggest you check this topic for ideas

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Ok i will check this.
I just wanted to color my typed lines alternatingly red and black for better readability.

Ah, this might be tricky, I thought you wanted to just change the color across the board.

Oh, i was once thinking of making a plugin for better readability (with an idea like this) but would need at least 3 patterns for making it more user-wide.

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This works for me but I am using Rich Markdown, not sure if classes here are specific to it or not. The general idea is the same though.

    color: white !important;

Adjust the color as needed.

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Thanks for your "line" .. : )
I inserted it in the right place i assume, in the CSS field..
i quitted and restarted joplin but nothing happend.. i dont see any new option or button to set the color of fonts now.. should i ? : )

Maybe because you re using Rich Markdown and me not.
Nevertheless i tested some other CSS and it also didnt work.

I am actually not quite sure, do you want to change the editor (i.e. the left side) or the rendered view (right)?

My snippet was for the editor and it should go to the other stylesheet. It works without the Rich Markdown plugin too.

If you in fact wanted to style the rendered view, it needs a different code.

Thanks again for your help..

In Evernote app im used to color the note text as i like.. i did so to arrange sections according to its sense..

Yes i would like to change the rendered view in my colors.. red and black..
Seems to be a challange : )

Yeah, for the rendered view it's not that simple.

I don't have time to try it just now but I think targeting the p tags under the .rendered-md might work.

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I gave it a try but the best I could come up with is alternating color for paragraphs:

For this you need to add

#rendered-md p:nth-child(2n+1){
    color: red !important;

to the 1st stylesheet (for rendered Markdown)


Many thanks,
you deserve an award :+1: :hugs:

For me the rendered view is what matters. When i switch to render view only it s only black fonts.
Okay i think joplin is not evernote -simple as that :grin:



I think this may be fixed in the latest (pre-release) version.

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Yes! It s fixed! Cool, now me and joplin have a common future..
Thank you again for your help and.. see you.

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