Add font/text-change ability to WYSIWYG/markdown with buttons

I was surprised I didn't find this topic covered, but is there a good reason why Joplin doesn't have on-demand typeface/font and text color setting ability in either WYSIWYG or the markup editor (with buttons)?

I had been using Joplin for a bit when I noticed that there was no ability to set the current font, which I thought was odd, especially since I had other imported notes that appeared to have (at least partial) font and colors set-- and I see in the markdown that the expected tags are there that cause the appearance change, and they render as expected per the tags.

I know about setting the personal CSS, but I'm not talking about set styles as much as the ability to arbitrarily set type information within a note on the fly. Possibly even setting the highlight color, also.

My use case is that I use different fonts in different cases, but for the same things (e.g., my headings are different in one type of document than another); when I'm composing long-form text, I prefer to use serifs, but which serif'd font may vary.

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I'd love to have more choices to color text. Only highlight is rather limited choice.

I want to use Joplin to create my own English grammar notebook and more options to distinguish text is essential for me.

Please, Joplin developers, bear in mind that there are different use-cases how users use your app.

Actually, it would be nice to have such icons to color font as they are in for example LibreOffice Writer and with the same functionality. I believe it is a standard way of handling coloring text in many applications.

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