Instructions for using plugins

Joplin has rapidly and successfully developed a whole ecology of plugins. I think this is great. For me personally Favourites, Outline and Tabs have become indispensable parts of Joplin.

I installed the Home Note plugin a few moments ago. I remember reading somewhere in the forum during its development that it would create an icon that would allow you to designate a home note. The icon has not appeared for me (maybe because I have customised the css somewhat).

My real problem is not that. It is that I cannot find any documentation in the forum or on Github to tell me how it is supposed to work in the final released version, so that I can work out what is wrong at my end. Searching in the Plugin category does not show anything for Home Note.

The Plugin List that @tessus has created is a fantastic start to making plugins available. Can I make 2 suggestions to make it better:

  1. Every released plugin should have one pinned topic in the Plugin category in the forum, where the official notes from the developer go. It should always have a title in the format "Plugin: Time Travel"
  2. Plugins should not be added to the Plugin List until they have a pinned topic with the initial notes on usage etc.

That way everyone would know where to go for documentation. Or is this not necessary?

The problem is that we cannot enforce how plugin developers handle the documentation. Some devs point to a topic in Discourse, others point to the readme in the gh repo.

I have also noticed that the Home Note plugin does not have any links set. I'll open a PR soon, but I cannot say if the dev is going to merge it...

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