Android alarm rings unstoppable


yesterday I switched to version 1.3.13 on my Android phone and was thrilled by the share funktion of pictures! But then, today morning, my Alarm-Song suddenly rang, but I couldn't stop it without restarting my phone. I then speculated, it could come from Joplin and tried to reproduce it:

I simply create a new To-Do with a reminder activated. And to the given time, the message pops up and my Alarm starts ringing at me...with no way to stop it but to restart the phone...
And I really don't want my phone to unstoppable ring in class :sweat_smile:

Does anyone have an idea how to fix this issue?

Thanks an regards

I just had the exact same happen.

First time I stopped Joplin running (I didn't have to reboot the Android phone).

Then I experimented a bit, and found this:

The Joplin alarm creates a notification in the Android notifications tray (?).
Open the notifications tray.
You should see a Joplin notification - swipe it to the right.
Or click the Clear button and dismiss all the notifications, including the Joplin one.

Hope that helps.

Yeah, the notification in the tray is there and is supposed to be there, but I think the thing about the alarm is a bug, isn't it? It was not there before the update, it can't be unchecked and when ringing it won't stop until the app is hard stopped...

Hopefully it will be fixed in the next version, but thanks for your answer :slight_smile:

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Installed and tested Joplin for Android yesterday, and I have the same "alarms" problem. The workaround provided by r.g doesn't work in my case, the alarm keeps going off until I go to settings > apps > Joplin, and force it to stop.

Let me just add, of course many discourse entries are about what's missing or what goes wrong, but all in all Joplin IS GREAT, including the fact that it provides apps for the different platforms.

It's a upstream bug:

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Yes and unfortunately the alarm package we use appears to be dead, so there might not be a fix any time soon. I expect I'll just switch back to the previous notification package, even if it means a dependency to Firebase.