How to sync with dropbox and keep the files encrypted on dropbox?

how to sync to dropbox and keep the files encrypted when they are sent and hosted on dropbox?
i'm using version 2.8.8


Check the FAQs: About End-To-End Encryption (E2EE) | Joplin

i wasn't sure that this is the correct way but you confirmed it

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another question.
will the files on dropbox get updated in real time? or it will only update them once in a while? how often?

You can set the sync rate in Tools > Options > Syncronisation, the quickest rate is every 5 mins, or you can manually sync by hitting the Syncronise button in the bottom left (I think Ctrl+S works too).

(Note: the app doesn't do it in the background, you have to hit Syncronise manually)

Also worth noting that if you get conflicts from two versions syncing before the other one gets there, Joplin will preserve the conflicting notes and let you pick what to keep from each

if i will sync too much can dropbox block me?

If it was a problem people would've complained previously so presumably no

Dropdox cannot be used in China ,why,why,why???

Blame Chinese government policy not Joplin, it's blocked by the great firewall as are hundreds of other sites

Yes, I have noticed the news about it,and there is no other support for WebDAV in China except onedrive! :upside_down_face:

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