How to sync editor with preview

Hi there,

I just started using Joplin and I’m already stuck with a problem.
I’ve created a note which contains a long list of URLs to tutorials I’ve collected so far. For some of them, I’ve also added screenshots right below the URL and then I kept adding other links.

The note now has 602 lines and the issue I’m having is that now the editor doesn’t sync to the viewer anymore, most likely because of the images I’ve added. The image in the editor is just one line, but in the output pane, it takes more space.

Is there a way to keep editor and preview in sync?


Unfortunately not yet, I’ve seen some examples on line of it working well. I hope to look deeper into this soon and hopefully improve the behaviour.

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Thank you, @CalebJohn

I hope it will be possible to add it at some point.

Keep up the great work!

Also I don’t know what version you’re on, but the newer versions have a WYSIWYG editor which might be a nice solution if you want to see images and edit at the same time.

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Thanks for the heads up, I’ll give it a try!

Also, it would be handy if Joplin would save the position of the cursor on the page. I’m noticing this because the note I’m editing is quite long and when I re-open Joplin it takes me a moment to figure out where I was at.


May I give a general piece of advice?
If you find your notes getting very long, maybe you can split then into smaller notes and group them by sub-notebooks. This will also help you drill down something when you need in the future.
Of course, you are absolutely right about the cursor feature you want. It’d indeed be very handy

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