How to sync class notes to sugarsync

Hi there,

I am among many android users struggling to sync their notes.
I am using the most up-to-date Joplin for Android 12 to take notes.

I already have an extended sugarsync subscription so it is redundant for me to pay more for another cloud/sync service. It works well and I have a lot of storage and a contract.

I should in theory be able to just sync my Joplin Notes folder from my desktop to my phone using the file system sync option.

Joplin's setup for selecting a folder from the filesystem is...kind of difficult. Android 12 on my samsung doesn't allow you to copy file directories from the file browser, much less see "absolute" file paths without a third party app. It would be cool if I could just paste the URL of my sugarsync folder or browse to it or anything other than the way it currently works.

I have to manually enter the folder path, so when it doesn't work (it doesn't) I'm left guessing forever as to why it didn't work, always terrified either my desktop or phone notes will be wiped. I posted to the subreddit earlier and got an upvote but no replies, and similar threads are also currently dangling.

I go to:
Configuration>Synchronisation>[File System]
Directory to synchronise with (absolute path): /Storage/Internal Storage/Documents/Joplin Notes

I'm getting the feeling this isn't "absolute path" material, but I really shouldn't need to install another app to get it. I've explored my developer options, and online I keep running into developer threads on stackoverflow.

I just want to sync my notes without having to copy-and paste manually to my desktop every day.
Please help me. I like Joplin a lot but this is a rough ride for an onboarding to mobile. :sweat:

Why do you have to enter the path manually? Can't you select the folder by just clicking on the path field? Just typing in the absolute path won't get you any further as android restricts file permissions for apps outside their own directory and you have to give Joplin permissions. Afterwards the path looks somethig like this:

Wish I could. It doesn't let me. I've interracted with it a number of ways, I've even used phone link to try to open it differently on desktop. No dice.

I've given Joplin all the permissions the android settings menu offers. Maybe there's a pesky Samsung restriction somewhere in this mix?

These permissions can't be granted in the settings (at least I don't think so). They are those kind of permissions:

I don't think it's a samsung thing...which Joplin version are you using?

I was using the standard one currently in the play store but I upgraded to the beta to deal with the terrible input lag from my bluetooth keyboard. Didn't work, switched to Swiftkeys, it kinda works but it's buggy.

I don't understand, why is a mobile note-taking app this difficult to use with any features you'd need with a note-taking app? Is it purely to onboard us to the joplin cloud?

Joplin cloud is irrelevant here - you'd still be using the same app regardless of whether you use Joplin cloud or, say, Dropbox.

I was using the standard one currently in the play store but I upgraded to the beta to deal with the terrible input lag from my bluetooth keyboard.

Is the input lag just in Joplin? Are you using the standard or beta editor? (If you're using the default editor, consider trying the beta editor, which can be enabled in settings).

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