How to sychronise safely PC Dropbox and Android OneNote Joplins?

There are two Joplins:

PC Windows:
Joplin 2.11.11 (prod, win32)
Keychain Supported: Yes

Windows backup is being done to DropBox

Android v.12:
Joplin 2.11.32
Database v42
Hermes 1

Android backup is being done to OneNote

My main database is Joplin on windows. Lately I got my phone back, and I have Joplin there too. With some old notes, though some of the notes are not on PC and I need them there.

What would be the safest way to synchro those two Joplins?
Exactly: Get all from Android to PC - Sort/Manage on PC - Synchro back to Android

I don't mind notes being duplicated in the process, I'll manage to sort them later.
I do not want - I can't to be honest (ultimate disaster) - to loose any note from PC.

Just to explain situation:
Android copy was not used for some time due to battery problems.
I managed to setup PC joplin from my local HDD Joplin copy. And was working with this data.
Now the phone got new life and I need to copy -retrieve all what was on the phone to my main Joplin on PC, especially that I have 1000+ notes, that were a bit forget :slight_smile: but are quite important.

Thank you for all suggestions.


I would use the backup plugin, set-up all parameters needed in it's preferences, and then
sync. If anything goes wrong (sync errors, wrong note count, etc.) I'd manually erase the desktop's Joplin profile and restore it from the backup made.

Do I understand well?

  1. Backup desktop with the plugin
  2. Sync latest version of notes from mobile to OneNote
  3. Change sync folder on desktop from DropBox to OneNote
    (... here we pray for good sync)
  4. Be happy or not - if anything goes wrong: delete desktop profile, restore with backup, repeat from point 2

That's the plan?

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