How to search for tag(s)?

Cant search for tags, using tag: or without it, is this feature available?
I’m using version 1.0.195 on windows

I believe it’s not supported yet, but is part of the plan for one of the GSoC projects : Search

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You can search for tags using the “Goto Anything” search (Tools > GoTo Anything… or CTRL+G)

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Thanks for the response
Okay, that works, but only for a single tag which is not that useful since you can click on that tag, I want to search for multiple tags like #projectx #cpp #esp
is it possible to AND or OR multiple tags in search results?

Not that I’m aware of. I guess the current search is for those who have 100’s of tags. If you search this forum and GitHub I think you’ll see that search with logical operators has been requested quite a few times. Not checked recently to see if is currently subject of a PR.

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