Is there any way to search tags (beside the sidebar)?

I found this similar post from 2019

but, I think that the tag dialog(ctr+g), is just for putting more tags on the current page, and not about SEARCHING for tags.

Please, any help?

For ex.:
In the sidebar (the column that has the notebooks and tags)

(I can just press a tag like "NCO-03-04 Git course" and all of the pages with that tag will be displayed)

But I want to search for a specific tag (like "NCO-03-04 Git course"), without having to find the tag in the Sidebars list

There must be a way to search for tags, otherwise, why would they even exist?
But, I can't really find how.

Version: 2.8.8

The tag: filter.

Or goto anything:

I don't know, why it was so hard for me to find it

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