[Request] Include tags in Goto Anything

One of my favorite tricks is to add keywords to a title to aid retrieval. This lets me use Goto Anything as a sort of a search for keywords. For example, let’s say I’m using foo, bar, and baz as keywords. I can then search for foo bar or foo baz etc to locate the relevant notes/todos.

Ideally, I would like to tag it and not litter the title but right now, Goto Anything doesn’t consider tags so I have to litter the title.

Can you change that? Thanks!

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Please click on the question mark next to the input field.

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The behavior is very different than normal keywords which greatly affects the interaction.

For example, if I search for multiple keywords, I’ll get a list that contains them in the modal. If I search for multiple tags, I only get a list of tags that match the first tag enterred in the modal and then I have to select from that list that matches that first tag, switch to the note list and then scroll through.

When using keyword titles, I can alter my specificity of searching as I’m getting feedback to see which combination will elicit the results I’m looking for. I can combo keywords as needed. I can add/remove hyphens and plurality and get live feedback. I can’t do any of this with tags.

Searching for tags will be improved in the future. AFAIK there’s an idea for GSOC 2020.