Goto Anything... Search for Multiple Tags

First off, I love the Goto Anything... feature and use it a decent amount.

I also extensively use tags. I think a cool addition to Goto Anything... would be the ability to search for multiple tags, e.g. "#network #training" and the results would only give notes that have both tags flagged.


I can answer this myself. I stumbled across a similar request and answer here: Selecting multiple tags to see items at the intersection of those tags
Instead of searching like this:
#network #training
You need to search like this:
tag:network tag:training

It works flawlessly!

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Thanks for the tip, I was wondering how to do this myself. However, I must say I wish we could search for tags using the #tagword format. That is much nicer.

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#mytag and tag:mytag do slightly different things:

  • #mytag searches for one tag and makes use of auto-complete for its name
  • tag:mytag searches all notes belonging to this tag, auto-complete for tags is not used

PS: I didn't even know the tag:xxx syntax also works for Go To Anything, thanks for that info!

Hence it makes sense that you can only search for one tag via #mytag.

If we also could have auto-complete using the tag:xxx syntax, that would be best of both worlds.
This way typing multiple tags tag:mytag1 tag:mytag2 ...etc.... wouldn't be so cumbersome.

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