I can't see all notes in Joplin,plase help me

I use onedrive sync my notes .my version is 2.0.11
today I recovery data in onedrive. then,joplin warning "file conflict",and cant see other notes.

  1. I try to "re-upload of your data to the sync target", Maybe I Shouldn't do it.
  2. I realize re-upload is not work.then I try to use "clear your local data and force re-downloading everything from the sync target".

a) my joplin has no notes.
b) I backuped the folder "joplin-desktop",before I used "delete " button.
c) I backup onedrive data,,before I used "reupload " button.

how can I reload the notes in joplin or import data to joplin.

You say you created a backup? It's probably best to delete all your files from both your desktop and OneDrive and restore your backup. Then setup sync again.

It wasn't clear from your description but it sounds like you manually copied your files to OneDrive... instead you should let Joplin look after the sync process so you won't get the conflicts.

thank you ,Is my Mistake.I think,I restore all data in onedrive cloud.maybe has old joplin flie.then joplin Automatic sync file.https://i.imgur.com/6RNCHgt.png.

Supplementary description:
1.in onedrive recycle-bin,Restored all files
2.I'm going to have breakfast.
3.when I back,I found a Joplin prompt file conflict and Lost some notes.
4.I used Joplin-Preferences-Synchronisation- Button-"Re-upload local data to sync target"
5.I used Joplin-Preferences-Synchronisation- Button-"Delete local data and re-download from sync target".

I found it open "Fail-safe",I think my notes is not lose,just can't load into Joplin.
SO I cant sync my notes form onedrive and I cant up-load noteto onedrive.

when I click the Joplin-sync button, it will Create a new folder "application 1" in onedrive .

  1. I copied the files in application -Joplin to application1 -Joplin
  2. used Joplin Synchronisation- Button-"Delete local data and re-download from sync target".
    I find some files.

Is there a way to recover from the local folder? Not a cloud.

Sorry I'm still not clear what the problem exactly is. What type of a local backup did you make before you started to experience all these issues?

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