How to mix html tags and KaTex in the same line

Is it possible in any way to have Joplin render KaTeX on the same line as an html element, i.e.

Trying this

<span>HTML</span>  and  $\alpha$ in the same line!

Renders as this

HTML and $\alpha$ in the same line!

But I want this

HTML and α in the same line!

Is there a way to achieve this in the app today?
FWIW: v2.9.17 (prod, linux)

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Some <span>HTML</span> and $\TeX$.

(Don't start the line with an HTML tag).

Edit: <span>HTML</span> and $\alpha$ in the same line works for me (2.9.17, Linux). What is the surrounding context in the note?

Thanks - not starting with an HTML tag resolved it as it was. I wasn't sure if it was possible but it is! Can duplicate issue with

<div> <!-- No empty line between <div> and <span> -->
<span>HTML</span> text $\TeX$

But this works for me as well - appreciate the second set of eyes!

<div> <!-- Empty line below -->

<span>HTML</span> text $\TeX$

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