Support \tag in KaTeX

As far as I know, Joplin uses KaTeX to render LaTeX math. KaTeX has support for \tag to number (or label) equations; see However, when I tried it in Joplin, it didn’t work and I got the error message:

Cannot render Katex content: KaTeX parse error: Expected ‘EOF’, got ‘\tag’ at position 1: \tag{1}

Can we enable KaTeX’s support for \tag? Or update the KaTeX version used by Joplin to a version that supports \tag? Thanks.

I’ve upgraded Katex so it will be supported in the next release.

Thanks for the update. I’ve downloaded the latest version and \tag is supported in KaTeX. However, there are two problems with the preview pane (with rendered content):

  • Any tag numbers below the first page (i.e., require scrolling down) will not be shown at all. Scrolling the preview down does not show these tag numbers.
  • When I scroll the preview down, the main content is scrolled, but the tag numbers on the first page stay and do not move with the content.

Apparently these two issues are related. It seems that the main content and the tag numbers are displayed separately, and only the main content moves with scrolling, the tag numbers do not.

I attach a screenshot to show you the issues:

My system: Mac OS High Sierra (10.13.6), Joplin (1.0.105).