Compatibility with Latex

I intend to use Joplin as a platform for writing articles and books compiled by latex. Since Joplin use “$$” instead of “\begin{}” used in both “katex” and “latex”. It has no way of numbering/referencing equations either.

Kindly allow latex based notation used in katex at the least for “math mode” specific only, so that i can easily switch between the two for my projects.

Could you provide an example with katex code, with current behaviour and expected behaviour? We support something like references if I remember well but maybe you mean something else.

Dear Laurent

1.I tried to reference/auto numbering equations as done in the latex code

 \begin{equation}	\label{galls}
\end{equation} eq. \eqref{galls} is used as.....

but nothing happens.

Currently only \tag can be used to manually number equation but not for cross referencing or auto-numbering.

  1. I tried to type a matrix

a & b \
c & d

but nothing happens.

Currently joplin appears to support for almosta ll of katex functions except for the matrix and cross refrencing of equations. Kindly enable these advanced math input commands as given in


  • What did you try? (Provide complete working Latex code)
  • What did it do?
  • What did you expect?

Matrix environments work well! Please note there is a mistake in your code: it should be a & b \\ instead of a & b \. So the complete working code will be:

   a & b \\
   c & d

About cross referencing and auto-numbering, as far as I knew, it was not possibile in KaTex but I don’t know now.

Is there an option there that could be enabled to support what you need?

For example, we support the “macros” option, which allows creating a macro in one Katex block and referencing it in another, but I don’t know if that’s what you mean.

I do not know about macro referencing. I guess that i will have to consult Katex forums for that.

I guess that latex is too awkward for use in web design, which may be your ultimate target regarding “joplin”.

This discussion could be useful: Replace KaTeX with MathJax

Just to be clear about the goals of the project:

  • Joplin doesn’t support Latex and there’s no plan for it.
  • There’s no plan to neither replace Katex with MathJax nor support MathJax separately.

Most likely none of this will happen so it’s better not to expect it.

I meant that “web design” may be your target.

Forgive me if I’m being obtuse, but I believe the target of Joplin is note taking.