How to get icons in the titles of the notes?

How did you get these icons in the notes and their titles?


And is there a way to do so for the notebook-titles?

Those are just unicode characters and should be supported everywhere in joplin. For example the notebook character is :spiral_notepad: the spiral pad emoji

Ah, the trick seems to copy and paste the icon itsself not the code to put it into the titles of notebooks and notes.

It’s unusual to see the pasted icon in a plain text file… what is it what I copy and paste? Binary data? Is there a code which will do the same (I think no)?

Here are some ressources where one can find icons:

Hope that helps others with the same problem.

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These icons are actually plain text in the same way that regular characters are, because joplin uses unicode encoding for notes and titles etc. So whether you use a standard character or an emoji, it’s all the same to joplin (and your computers clipboard).
In some places you can replace the icon with specific code, but I don’t think that’s possible in Joplin.

win can not type unicode directly, but using this tool garcia/unicodex: Unicode input for Windows ( can perfectly resolve this problem

And on macOS type Ctrl+Cmd+Space to display the emoji selection tool:


Actually Win10 can now easily type emoji by hitting Win + ;

Thank you, the win10 origin emoji is more vivid than the simple unicode icon

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Comes from Linux! CTRL + Space

Usually „ Windows key + . (dot)“ works for emoticons. :grinning: