Different notebook icons on different OS, utf encoding table?

I am using Joplin with different OS, on a desktop with Ubuntu 20.04, Joplin desktop 2.6.10 (prod.linux),41 and for example on an ols smartphone with Android 7.1.1, Joplin 2.6.8, v41.
I know, that the utf encoding table in Android 7.1.1 is outdated, but there is great amount of overlap to the current one.
Is Joplin desktop using a own table for displaying the emoji/icon menu or ist this a table from the OS?
If there is a own table, where can I find it?

My idea is, if there is a own table, I could replace it with an reduced one that fits with Android 7.1.1, in order not to use the trial and error method to find out which emoji/icon is available in both OS.


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