Icons next to notes and folders?

Hi, just started using Joplin recently and I’m really enjoying it so far.

I have one suggestion in terms of aesthetics. Personally I think little icons next to each note, folder or sub folder look really good, and do actually help a little bit visually navigating around.

For example if you look at the notion app, they let you choose icons and I think helps it look really polished. And also on the Cherry Tree app the different coloured cherries on each sub-level look good too.

Not sure what others think of this?

You can just enter any unicode emoji in the note title, that’s (for the moment) good enough for me.


you can do this :inbox_tray:inbox, but some emojis will show like an "empty box" if you have not updated your OS

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If you do this, especially when putting an emoji at the start of a title, make sure there is a space between the emoji and the word of the title otherwise the word becomes unsearchable. (Unless you include the emoji in the search term)

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That could do it I guess. Will take a look next time I’m using joplin.