How do I create the little icons from keyboard?

When I first installed Joplin, it comes with some default notes explaining some things about how things are done in Joplin. In one note, there are graphical icons on the MarkDown (text) side which also appear in the presentation (interpreted) side. Example: "# Synchronising your notes :arrows_counterclockwise:" (copied from the note)

I haven't found documentation on these icons: how to create/specify them. Would you please tell me where to locate this? Thank you!

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They are emojis.

When typing a note press the Windows key and . to bring up the selector. In the example you gave above you would need to then type arrow to get the emojis that include the one used in the default note to indicate a sync.

You could also enable the Markdown emoji plugin in Joplin in which case you could use:

:arrows_counterclockwise: to get


But this does not work in the note title field, only the note text.

Hover your mouse over the emoji in your post and you will see the markdown code displayed as the forum has "translated" it.

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Note that:

  • The shortcut is for Windows 10. For other systems, you will need to use another trick.
  • It might vary with the localizations. For French Azerty keyboard, it is Win+semicolon, because we press Shift on this key to get the full-stop.
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