What kind of symbols can I use in Joplin?

I've tried the symbols in Character map, but they don't work. Looking for something that I could cut and paste in my notes titles, what would work for this?

You should be able to use a wide variety of symbols as long as they are Unicode (e.g. see https://unicode-table.com).

However, what is in the screenshot is not Unicode. It's the Microsoft's proprietary Wingdings font. This isn't going to work unless unless you literally force Joplin to use the font itself (which isn't the best idea, as it's only available in Windows, so those characters will very likely break on any other OS).

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Yes, that works perfectly, thanks!

If you are on Windows 10, you can add Symbols with the Windows Emoji keyboard.
Just press WIN + . keys at the same time in your Joplin .md note. It will open a mini keyboard under your cursor to choose symbols from.

Windows 11 has the same keyboard command, but I can't say how to retrieve the symbols there.


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