How to format a word or phrase

I’m a new user, accustomed to the “Keep My Notes” app, which offers a very easy way to boldface, italicize, underline & /or line-through a word or group of words in a note.
I don’t see how to do that in Joplin, although I suspect that there must be an easy way to do so.
I’d appreciate any insight.

Havn’t you remarked this?

You can also use markdown:


Thank you very much for your reply. The image you included in your post looks like it is from the Desktop version of Joplin, yes?

I am using the mobile phone (Android) version, and I have not seen anything like those Format Control options—although that is exactly the kind of easy-to-use option that I need.

(As for the markdown option : it seems like a lot of extra work for simple note-taking with format functions, & would likely require some additional study on my part to learn the techniques—not a bad thing in general, but again, for simple note-taking with format functions, a bit more than what I need.)

Do you know how I, using the mobile phone (Android) version, might access those easy-to-use Format Control options that are illustrated in your email?

Thanks again for your kind attention.